We Offer Generous Financing

Do you need to finance your purchase?

At the moment we are only financing short term loans for up to 5 years at 3% P.A. on down payments of at least 40%.
The Developer reserves the right to approve or deny a loan.
No background checks will be made, the borrower will be asked to confirm that they have the ability to repay the loan.


The Las Canas Developer will consider financing your purchase within the above mentioned criteria. Each application is considered on an individual basis and the developer reserves the right to refuse a loan. Only amortized repayment schedules are currently allowed.

Down payments of at least 40%.
Excludes $250 Condo Fees per month.
Does not include set-up fees.
Each application is considered separately. The management reserves the right to loan money.
At the end of the loan the new owner will be responsible for the payment of the transfer tax.