Type G Floor Plan

Standard Apartment $69,900
Remodeled Apartment $ N/A
Luxury Apartment $ 74,900

Similar in style to a Type F, however this unit also has a private entrance hallway. It has a "galley style" kitchen and the extra large balcony wraps around outside the bedroom window. The layout is spacious with a good size dining space and living area. The bedroom overlooks the pool deck and is big enough for a king size bed.

Standard Apartment Package

* Kitchen that Includes:
* Gas Range
* Fridge/ Freezer (most units)
* Melamine Counter Tops.

* A/C Unit in Bedroom
* Cable TV & Internet Pre-installed

Luxury Apartment Package

* Modern Furnishings & Kitchen Cabinetry
* New Fridge / Freezer
* Flat Screen TV
* A/C Unit in Bedroom & Living Area
* Cable TV & Internet Pre-installed