Type C Floor Plan

Standard Apartment $54,900
Remodeled Apartment $ Sold Out
Luxury Apartment $ Coming Soon.

Similar to a Type D unit except this apartment has a small entrance hall. The bedroom is at the back of the building and tends to be a little cooler. The living area is spacious and leads on to the balcony, which overlooks the pool.

Standard Apartment Package

* Kitchen that Includes:
* Gas Range
* Fridge/ Freezer (most units)
* Melamine Counter Tops.

* A/C Unit in Bedroom
* Cable TV & Internet Pre-installed

Luxury Apartment Package

* Modern Furnishings & Kitchen Cabinetry
* Stainless Steel Appliances: Gas Range & Fridge
* Flat Screen TV
* A/C Unit in Bedroom & Living Area
* Cable TV & Internet Pre-installed