Secure Investment

For the price, Las Canas offers you an amazing opportunity to purchase your own Caribbean dream home

There are many advantages to purchasing at Las Canas. which will make your home a secure and long-lasting investment.

Try Before You Buy

We offer a rare opportunity to ‘try before you buy’ through our rental program, so you can experience all the benefits of living here before making a commitment.

Full Title Ownership

When you purchase an apartment, it comes with a full title (which is not always the case in many condominium developments in the Dominican Republic) giving you the peace of mind of full legal ownership.

Exclusive Benefits & Purchase Incentives

You don’t have to be a resident of the Dominican Republic to buy here and the one-time property transfer tax is considerably lower than in US. What’s more, foreign investors can take advantage of the many government incentives including no property taxes on the first $140,000 USD - and you can buy at Las Canas for considerably less than that.

Real Estate Appreciation

With real estate values increasing since 2008, it’s comforting to know that your property will continue to appreciate over time and professional on-site maintenance services will ensure your investment is always taken care of.

Exclusive Rental Management Program*

Should you wish to rent your property, Las Canas offers complete rental management services for your furnished condo. This frees you from all the day-to-day concerns of being a landlord including leasing your apartment at the highest potential rates, maintenance and repairs and continuous marketing and advertising of the Las Canas brand to attract the best tenants.*

*Additional Fees Apply. Owners are responsible for placing their own rental ads.